Dr. Anne

Dr. Anne Georgulas, Board Certified Pediatrician

Coppell, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Irving, Carrollton, Dallas


Improve outcomes for your child. Engage Dr. Anne early.
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Same-day Sick Appointments

Separate sick and well entrances.
Priority care for sick kids.

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Modern Parenting

Dr. Anne teaches parents how to improve their child’s:

  • attitude
  • behavior
  • diet

Dr. Anne empowers you with knowledge. Take charge of your child’s mental and moral development.

Dr. Anne is your pediatrician and trusted advisor, helping you to achieve your parenting goals.

Classic Healthcare

Dr. Anne handles all of your child’s health needs:

  • well and sick care
  • stitches and fracture care
  • behavioral and diet issues

She treats the whole child, not just today’s problem.

If you need specialist, hospital, or emergency care, Dr. Anne will be your trusted advisor. You’ll get better, faster care.

Come in for a visit. We’ll partner to develop a long-term plan for your child’s health and development.

I’ve been with Dr. Anne for 15 years. My kids love her sense of humor and compassion. I trust her completely and whole-heartedly with the health of my kids.— Melissa A.

Dr. Anne is great! We’ve seen her for 14 years and couldn’t ask for a better pediatrician. She is personable and takes her time answering all questions and concerns.— Cathy P.

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  2. Happiness is Taught Not Bought

    Before I knew better, I told patients who were moving away, “grow up and be a productive member of society.”  But, what most of us want for our children is for them to be happy, productive members of society. What do we really know about happiness? The study of happiness started...

  1. Summer Safety Tip #2: Handle the Heat

    Texas has a hot climate. The Dallas areas can get both hot and humid. Hot muggy conditions can be a danger to children in vigorous play or athletics. Follow these tips to keep your children safe. Reduce intensity and duration of play. When it’s both hot and humid, reduce the...

Dr. Anne provides pediatric care in Coppell, Flower Mound. Lewisville, Irving, Dallas.